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Featured Blogger of the Week – My Big Fit Diary

Welcome to the fourteenth of our Featured Blogger series. This is a space that showcases all of you awesome bloggers in Manchester and the North. All you “WeBloggers” 🙂

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Name: Alison Paton

Blog URL:

Twitter followers: 1008

Instagram followers: 1.6k

How long have you been blogging?

On and off for around 3 years ( I do try to be consistent but life often gets in the way! )

Why did you decide to start your blog?

An obsession with fitness, turned into an obsession with Instagram! I started posting my workouts and meals on IG and found that people started coming to me for advice on what to do in the gym; how to cook and how to generally lead a healthier lifestyle. It’s an awesome creative outlet for me too – I always wrote when I was younger from short stories and poems at school to screenwriting at university. I love it!

What do you hope to achieve for your blog in 2017?

I hope to grow my following and engagement so I can reach more people with my writing. I’d also love to work with some much loved sportswear brands as I love testing out new gear!

What is your favourite social media channel & why?

I’m a very visual person and love Instagram – I could scroll for days! I still struggle with Twitter everyday though – it gives me so much anxiety!

Who is your blogging inspiration?

There’s too many to list but in terms of fitness I love Carly Rowena, Squatbot and Fitcetera. They are always so motivating and have very individual (but equally fab) writing styles.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give other bloggers & aspiring bloggers?

Write about what you love! And don’t sweat it if you can’t post as often as you’d – it’s supposed to be fun!

Fun/Random fact about you:

I worked on You’ve Been Framed! for years – watch out for my name in the credits!

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Holly Wood

Holly is a 20 something Londoner living in Manchester. She blogs about food, life, weddings and a whole lot more. You can read her blog at HollyGoesLightly