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Awesome Blogging Books

Does anyone else still appreciate a good book? I know that even in this digital age, I still love the act of unwrapping an actual book, (preferably hardback) and flicking through the pages, smelling that brand-new-fresh-page smell and skimming the chapters…

I tend to like informational books, guides and hobby-based books. So when I started blogging, naturally I looked at what books I could buy to help me on my blogging journey…blogging books! 

Awesome Blogging Books

4 years ago, there were probably 3 blogging books on Amazon as blogging was still a new thing and no one was an expert! Now it’s an established industry and so many people are doing it, blogging is naturally much more of a common subject on the book shelves.

Here’s just a few of the ones that look awesome! (Click the images for more details).

Blogging for dummies

Complete idiot’s guide to WordPress

Social Media Marketing



Picture Perfect Social Media

Blogging for Creatives

Capture Your Style

Plus there’s lots of bloggers now writing and producing their own books – blog style, blogger life, recipes, styling, beauty, photography – and the rest! Now more than ever, it’s easier to get your content out there in print…you can even self-publish! (But more on that another time).

Personally, I like how-to guides and visual books, packed full of beautiful photography. I’d love to write my own book one day…#lifegoals

Any blogging books you guys have read?


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