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What is a Micro-Influencer?

So us bloggers and “social influencers” are constantly bombarded with the pressure to gain more followers. We instantly envy those accounts that seem to just click and gain 100k on their instagram following, or those Facebook accounts that are packed full of comments and messages.

This gives rise to the “influencer” and means “influencer marketing” has turned to the digital world in a big way. There’s no denying it, the more followers you have, the wider your reach! That makes sense. BUT…


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awesome blogging books weblogmcr

Awesome Blogging Books

Does anyone else still appreciate a good book? I know that even in this digital age, I still love the act of unwrapping an actual book, (preferably hardback) and flicking through the pages, smelling that brand-new-fresh-page smell and skimming the chapters…

I tend to like informational books, guides and hobby-based books. So when I started blogging, naturally I looked at what books I could buy to help me on my blogging journey…blogging books!  (more…)

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weblogmcr top tips for blog content

Top tips for blog content

So you’ve decided you want to write a blog? Or you’ve got one already? Either way, you’re a bit stuck on what to write about or you’re stuck in a rut and just not feeling it anymore…

Don’t worry. It happens to all of us! Creating awesome content is bloody hard work and is totally underestimated by those who are not in the blogging world. So what can you do about it? I thought I’d put together a short post with some of my top tips for blog content – just to get those cogs turning… (more…)

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social media channels for bloggers

Social Media for Bloggers

You may or may not have a social media account for your blog, but you probably do have at least one. If you don’t, you should probably think about setting one up as this is going to be your main outlet for sharing your awesome blog content. But what’s the best social media for bloggers?

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on good old Google to show your blog every time someone searches “blogger Manchester”, so the chances of people just stumbling across your blog are pretty slim. So you’ve got to build a following, or tribe, as I like to call them. And the best way to do this, is using social media…

But what channels are out there and which ones should you use? (more…)

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