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Featured Blogger of the Week – Jill Greenwood

Welcome to the eighteenth of our Featured Blogger series. This is a space that showcases all of you awesome bloggers in Manchester and the North. All you “WeBloggers” 🙂

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Name: Jill Greenwood

Blog URL: https://www.superslaw.co.uk + https://kettlebellwarriors.co.uk 

Twitter followers: 1102

Instagram followers: 889

How long have you been blogging?

I guess I have been blogging for a while now but probably never identified myself as a blogger until recently. I started using social media for business purposes around 8 years ago but I didn’t really use it sensibly or write any proper blogs until the last couple of years or so. I was finding myself increasingly writing lengthy posts  in facebook and that’s when I thought I should set up an actual site to provide more detail in my blogs.

Why did you decide to start your blog?

I have 2 sites which I use for 2 aspects of my brand, which both have blogs sections. One of which is the ‘kettlebell warrior’ me, who trains clients using kettlebell programming. The other is for my recipe development and Superslaw Book (due for release in June).

I was reluctant to separate myself into two but looking back I can see I am looking at 2 slightly different audiences for each, although there is also a huge crossover so I often will use the same blogs for both. The initial look and feel for the two sites is different though and I think reflective of those who I am targeting for each.

I set up each to raise awareness of my business and myself (as ultimately a lot of my brand is about me and how I eat or train myself and others). I found I was receiving quite a lot of positive comments on Facebook about mini blog posts I was writing. This inspired me to then write longer pieces and began the websites and blogs to accommodate this. Ultimately this then led to me writing a paper book, so admittedly my blogs have taken a bit of a jump, and have been neglected a little of late. But I am keen to keep them going.

What do you hope to achieve for your blog in 2017?

I hope to really utilise my superslaw site and blog to attract more ‘attention’ to my simple approaches to health -fitness and health eating. I am a huge advocate of realism and simplicity in the word of fitness as I see how many people try and over complicate or ‘oversell unrealistic concepts’ which for most people are never going to work.

What is your favourite social media channel & why?

Instagram is probably my favourite channel for two reasons. Firstly I love looking at other peoples’ photographs of food, and training. I find it really inspirational as I am a very visual person. I also find instagram to be a bit more ‘positive’ than the other channels. It’s pretty hard to be negative about beautiful pictures (which for the most part they are!). Instagram is like a giant mood board for me – and I find it less ‘opinionated’ than Facebook or twitter. It’s really easy to use too so for a technophobe (me) its great!

Who is your blogging inspiration?

There are so many its difficult to choose! I follow such a random eclectic mix of people! I think those who inspire me the most are those who try not to be like everyone else, and embrace their difference and uniqueness. There are so many people who (without being too judgemental), seem to be generic in the world of health and fitness. So anyone that stands out doing something a bit different usually gets my attention. Females with a ‘say it like it is attitude’ send out  strong and empowering messages that impress me- so Kelly_Crushes is brilliant. Amymorford (author) also posts some hilarious instagram memes too – she has me in stitches. I am inspired by anyone who can help change your mood or make you think, simply by adding a little note or post.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give other bloggers & aspiring bloggers?

BE YOURSELF and embrace your own uniqueness. It’s hard sometimes not to do what others have done – especially when you can see it’s worked, but usually it’s worked for them due to their own personality. In the past I’ve fallen foul of posting things that afterwards, (even if its had attention), I’ve not felt comfortable with. Having reflected back it’s as I realise I was trying to be like someone else and not the real me. People see through this. They also see how comfortable you are in front of the camera or not – so being yourself will shine through.
I like looking good but I’m never going to be one of the ‘instagram models’ you see looking all sexy training in gyms. I’m also naturally a bit dizzy at times. Once I just let the real me show I felt a lot more comfortable that I was being true to who I naturally am. Whether that be showing people that I drop weights on my toe, looking a real mess after a training session or just showing people a little bit of ‘imperfection’. I think people relate to you a lot more for this.

Fun/Random fact about you:

I once completed the RACE for LIFE 5KM in Old Trafford by ‘bear crawling’ the whole route. I was attempting to break the world record but in the end the Guiness book of records said they wouldn’t list it as it wasn’t in the ‘public interest’. By the time they responded I’d already got a lot of media attention so I had to do it anyway-  I raised over £3000 for charity- but It took me about 3 months to recover from-it was horrendous-but one for the memoirs!   

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Holly Wood

Holly is a 20 something Londoner living in Manchester. She blogs about food, life, weddings and a whole lot more. You can read her blog at HollyGoesLightly