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5 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

So most of us write or create content – whether it’s blog, vlog or on social media. But do we all share it enough? Do we make sure our sh*t is actually seen?

Some of you may be saying “hell yeah I do! I always automatically tweet my insta posts or tweet the link to my latest blog”…and that’s great! But tweeting a sole link isn’t always the most engaging thing you’ve ever seen is it? Yes it’s quick and it’s out there, but how many links do you click on that aren’t accompanied by an image, gif or video? Not many I bet…

So how can we make our social media posts more engaging?

Here’s 5 ways…

Increase Social Media Engagement

1. The world is visual!

So share images on your social media platforms. It could be an amazing photograph or image you’ve created yourself, or go one step further and create a gif or a meme! In the days of people viewing content on their mobile phones more than anywhere else, it’s way more inspiring to see something visual and unique in your feed, rather than just a few lines of text.

2. Quotes of the day

Lots of people use these now, especially on instagram and it works. It’s a great tool to use if you’re stuck for a bit of content and you can even pre-schedule ahead. Find relatable quotes to do with your content or maybe even come up with a few of your own. Just make sure you reference the quote! Use a tool like Canva, to make them into something more visual too.

3. Fun facts or stats!

Research your industry or subject area, look for fun related facts, even if tentatively linked! People like to see random statistics and they often share them! Do you run a business? Perhaps find a fact or stat about why it’s better that people use your service then not? Or how improved their lives are now…

4. Encourage an emotional reaction

You can use humour to engage with your audience – everyone likes to read or view something funny don’t they? It’s a great way to get your content shared too. Or if your topic is more serious or conservative, that’s ok too – don’t be afraid to invoke an emotional response from your content? It makes it more memorable. (Obviously, goes without saying, don’t be a d*ck and try to hurt someone’s feelings or upset them…this is purely advice for sharing amazing, useful content!).

5. Interact!

Guess what? One of the major things that’ll help encourage engagement on your social media accounts? That’s it…interact with people! Of course, interact with those that like or comment on your content…reply to their comment, strike up a conversation, like their content back. But also, go and find new users…follow them, comment on the things they are sharing too. People like to be liked and chances are, they’ll like you back! Make sure you’ve got a good mix of interaction – of course keep it relevant to your content, but mix it up a little bit too and interact with accounts and content that’s different to yours! Keep in interesting!

So like we said, there’s no point in creating awesome content if you’re not going to share it and there’s no point in sharing it, if you’re not going to engage anyone with it!

These are just 5 ways to get you started!


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Holly Wood

Holly is a 20 something Londoner living in Manchester. She blogs about food, life, weddings and a whole lot more. You can read her blog at HollyGoesLightly