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£2.50 / month

A monthly subscription to WeBlogMCR gives you:

  • access to a private Facebook group where you and other bloggers can share insider info, knowledge and advice
  • a weekly newsletter which features a Blogger of the week (one of you guys!), blogging tips, event news and PR opportunities in Manchester and the North-West
  • VIP discounts to ticketed events in the calendar
  • VIP access to private events, only open to WeBlogMCR subscribers
  • added to a list og bloggers presented to PR agencies and brands looking for Manchester and North-West bloggers
  • use of WeBlogMCR press badge on your blog and social media


Product Description

Are you a blogger?

Hopefully by now, you’ll know that WeBlogMCR is for all you bloggers based out there in Greater Manchester and the North-West and offers a calendar full of meet-ups, workshops and other special blogging events. Throughout all of which, we encourage collaboration, inspiration and general blogging chit-chat.

You don’t have to be a pro, you don’t have to have been blogging for years, you don’t have to have 10 million followers on twitter. Of course if you are and you do, then awesome, we want you too!

WeBlogMCR is for all bloggers, new and old, commercial and non-commercial, big and small. We can all learn from each other, share tips, collaborate and ensure we’re blogging to the max. Even the most seasoned professionals can still learn something.

WeBlogMCR invites like-minded bloggers in Greater Manchester and the North-West to subscribe to this special network.